Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)

An All-Hazard, Local Preparedness & Response Program endorsed by MSSC

First responders are overwhelmed in a disaster.  Your own preparedness and the assistance of your neighbors are likely your only support in the first hour after a disaster.  A simple, effective program, MYN, can provide the information that you and your neighbors need to more easily cope in the next disaster. 

The Neighbors' Meeting (90 minutes in length) is a local gathering organized by a "host," who learned enough at an Orientation to arrange the Neighbors' Meeting.  The 60-minute MYN Orientation provides the basic data about MYN to encourage the attending participants to be the "host" for their neighborhood.  The Facilitators' Training is a 60-minute train-the-trainer session that provides participants with all the materials for making presentations, and giving both Orientations or Facilitators' Training.

Learn about MYN by requesting a one-hour MYN Orientation in your community.  Contact Steve Besemer (573-526-9232, or Greg Hempen (314-743-4136, to schedule an Orientation.  Two MYN materials, the DVD and the Neighbors’ Response Form (the “Shingle”) are copy-right protected by the State of Washington.  Contact Greg Hempen to obtain the DVD and the Neighbors’ Response Form for use in Missouri or to start programs in surrounding states. 

Dates of coming MYN Presentations in Missouri.  Contact Greg Hempen for more information on any of the following programs or to schedule MYN presentations or training. 

Download files on MYN in Missouri.

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